Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the midst of my unburdening . . .

. . . I forgot to mention how grateful I am:

My lovely friend, Megan, sent this delicious fruit bouquet today . . . mmmmmm!

Your mouth is watering, admit it!

My friend, Lisa (not of the blogosphere), provided me and the kids with a home cooked dinner tonight.

Thank you, my friends :)


Kristin said...

That fruit looks delicious! You all are in my thoughts now and always. I wish I lived closer and could actually help. Hoping that every day gets a little better then the one before it.

Leigh Anne said...

yes, my mouth is watering! haha. I have begged DH to get me one of those!

And like Kristin, I'd love to live not 3000 miles away so I could watch the kids or something else helpful (you wouldn't want me to cook you a meal, lol, unless you like grilled cheese) ;)

Big hugs and well wishes to you and your family.

Alex and Kristi said...

It looks sooooo yummy!!!

Carla said...

What wonderful kindness and generosity!