Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Homegirls

I belong to a book club. We started as a group of only a handful of women who love to read, a little over 5 years ago. We've expanded to a group of 20-something over the years (although the core group that meets regularly is a bit smaller than that). Some of the original members have dropped, and we've added many new faces. We are comprised of housewives, attorneys, teachers, a college professor, and an actuary, among other callings. These are my special friends: fellow mothers and wives and lovers of books.

Last night we repeated a tradition we started last year: skip the December book discussion and go out for a nice dinner and gift (books, of course) exchange instead. Most of the group made it last night, although some were missed.

Clockwise from bottom left:
Monica, Jodi, Lisa B., Julia, Laurel, Wendy, Mary, Robin, Sheryl, me, Karyn,
and standing behind me and Karyn are Chris and Varsha
(yes, that's a slight . . . err, wardrobe malfunction you're seeing on me . . . oops)

. . . and the same people from the other end of the table:

We went to a fondue restaurant. The food was delish, the conversation (okay, gossip) stimulating, and I enjoyed the tastiest caramel apple martini . . . mmmmm!

Ladies, I hope we're still doing this when we're all old and wrinkled :)

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