Thursday, April 2, 2009

This morning

This morning, Daisy had her first meltdown exactly 3 minutes and 27 seconds after she got out of bed, because the bandaid I put on the owchie on her knee yesterday was coming off and she wanted a new one RIGHT NOW and I said, "You'll have to wait a few minutes." Crying and wailing ensued.

But I did not yell.

Daisy had her second meltdown not long after that because I sliced her banana for breakfast rather than putting it on her plate whole.

But I did not yell.

Lilah refused to sit on the potty when she got up and I had to physically manhandle her onto the toilet while she played floppy noodle girl.

But I did not yell.

Lilah then refused to eat her breakfast and instead sat at the table wailing at the top of her lungs for a solid 15 minutes because, I guess, I did not make the exact perfect breakfast Her Majesty desired.

But I did not yell.

Annabelle had a tantrum because I told her she had to wear pants today (if it were up to any of the three girls, they would wear dresses every single day of the year, and I'm sorry, but some days dresses are just not appropriate attire). This involved laying on her bedroom floor and kicking and screaming.

Still I did not yell.

Joey chased Annabelle around the living room trying to take from her a paper flower she made at school yesterday. He was totally pushing her buttons, and she was shrieking like a banshee.

But I did not yell.

Joey and the twins piled into my bed and started playing whatever game it is they play which involves tearing all the covers off, which drives me crazy, and which I pretty much have to tell them not to do every. Single. Morning.

Did I yell? No, not I.

When it was time to go, and we had cut it to the last possible minute to get out the door and still get Joey to school on time, Annabelle sat on her bedroom floor trying to get her doll dressed, and thereby holding everyone up.

Still I did not yell.

When I got all the kids marching down the stairs to the backyard where the truck is parked, I chanted to them, "Just get in the truck and get in your seats . . . just get in the truck and get in your seats . . ." When we got outside, two of them start kicking around a ball in the driveway while the other two start fighting over who is going to open the truck door.

But I did not yell.

I got Joey to school on time, and I managed to do the whole morning song and dance without yelling. I hope Michael sees what an awesome mother I am for not yelling.


Chrystal said...

Bless you. I'm tired just from reading about the first couple of hours of your day.

Wendy P said...

You are a goddess. I think I'll go have another cup of coffee.

Lucie said...

Was it less stressful not yelling?
I find when I try to be calm in
the morning (not always easy!)
I feel better- and maybe the kids
are calmer-
It's a work in progress-
I only have 2- It must be very challenging with 6-

Tricia said...

Just breathe. Keep breathing. That's what I try to do. (It doesn't always work.) And I only have two kids.

So I need a HUGE high five!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa!

You deserve something huge and filled with many calories- just to reward yourself!

I sometimes don't yell in the morning!


Kim said...


You are just plain funny!!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this evening!


Sarah (fostersm) said...

No way I could have survived all of that without yelling! My hat goes off to you!

Kristin said...

You are the woman! I would have been yelling by the second tantrum. Need to work on that.

livinglifeafter65 said...

Your blog reminds me of my yesteryears when I had only 4 kids born from 1962-65. All babies at once - all preteen at once - all teenagers at once - my husband was an over the road truck driver, and it was left up to me to get them wherever it was we had to go. Anyway, You did good! Blessings for the day.