Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Cell Phone Pics

Lilah @ Target

Starbucks drive-thru menu

Dropping Kevin off for his week-long stay at outdoor science school

Making lunches

Lilah in front of the giant aquarium at the car wash

Joey at the dentist

Dropping Joey off at school



Finn at Target


Imprisoned at Costco

Finn sleeping

Annabelle pissed off because I won't let her wear something she wants to wear to school

Impossibly blue Southern California sky

Getting the boys up for school

What's on your cell phone?


grammyof13 said...

So adorable are your children. I love looking at their pictures. Also love the so very blue sky in the Calif picture. Keep up the good work.

Heather said...

I can't wait to get my new cellphone next month. We've just moved to the UK and are stuck with cheapo pay-as-you-go models until we can get some credit behind us. You're phone takes really clear pictures!

Chrystal said...

I'm in! Give me a little while and I'll get them posted.

audy said...

I'm so behind on catching up. I love all the kids like crazy, but that little Lilah...I need to come over. SOON.