Sunday, April 12, 2009


Our Easter pictures look pretty much the same every year, except that the kids get bigger, and we add a kid about every other year ;)

It looks like the Easter bunny conferred with Santa this year and decided that the best way to break and enter was down the chimney.

The Easter bunny leaves a trail of jelly beans as well as pawprints. By the time the kids got us out of bed this morning, the pawprints were annihilated and the kids were on a sugar high from eating up all the jelly beans.

Finding the loot

The Easter egg hunt (Michael hid the eggs out in the yard at 1:00 a.m. when he got home last night) -


Lilah getting some help from big brother Kevin


Mom and the gang


The Beers Family said...

Wow what a great picture of you and the kids!

Anonymous said...

Wow-you have beautiful Easter weather. I am so jealous. You have a beautiful family. Happy Easter!

Chrystal said...

Beautiful. You, them, everything.

Thanks for showing me the paw prints. :-)