Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The ol' switcheroo

In addition to Finn's surgery yesterday, the kids are all on Spring Break this week, and we've been in the process of moving kids around. Lilah has moved in with the twins and is now sleeping in a big girl bed. Finn is moving from our room into his own room (previously Lilah's room, and previous to that, Joey's room). It's a work in progress.


This is how the twins' room looked originally, from all angles:

Last Saturday, we got their two twin beds put together as bunk beds. Daisy and Annabelle argued over who would get to sleep in the top bunk and finally settled the matter by agreeing to sleep together in the top bunk. That first night did not go well at all. The girls chattered and fooled around until 10:30 p.m. Annabelle fell asleep several times but Daisy was restless and kept waking her up, so she would cry, and Lilah was so amped up over being with the big girls that she kept getting out of bed and climbing up to the top bunk to play. Finally we put Lilah back in the crib in her old room and Annabelle in the bottom bunk for the night.

Lilah in the bottom bunk

On Sunday, we got Lilah's big girl bed put together. Oh look, it looks like Daisy is on the verge of a tantrum. Once we got the new bed put together, there was a new fight: everyone wanted the new bed because it has a pretty new quilt on it. Sheesh.

Lilah won. The second night went much better. We only had to shush the girls 19 times. They did eventually all go to sleep, however.

There is still work to be done. I need to get a new rug for the room, move pictures around on the walls, touch up paint, and I'd like to put a new wallpaper border up. Today I started moving Lilah's clothes from her old room into her new room. Again, a work in progress.
There's not much to be done to Finn's room. It's always had a beach theme, so it's worked for both Joey and Lilah and will be fine for Finn. Right now Lilah's name is spelled out in wood letters on the wall, so I'll take that down, but other than that, he's pretty much good to go.
I also started to put together a new dresser for Lilah today. Let me start by saying that when I ordered it online, I had no idea that the whole damn thing had to be built from the bottom up. I thought they were going to deliver a dresser to my door, not a box filled with 3,000 parts and 8 pages of instructions! And of course, mid-assembly today, I discovered that an essential part is missing, so now I have to call and have them ship me the missing part, and in the meantime, I have dresser parts littering the living room.


Leigh Anne said...

what a gorgeous room! love the floors. the girls seem so excited!

oh, i would have totally sent the dresser back and ordered a different one, haha...i'm not as brave as you :) the drawers would end up backwards or upside down if i were in charge of building haha

Carla said...

When I saw the pics and read over on Finn's blog that he had been moved to his crib I thought "I want to see pics of Lilah's new bed, too.". Then I hopped on over here and my want was fulfilled. Yay! I hope the kids will settle down into sleep for you soon. I know I've told you this before, but your house is beautiful. Take care. P.S. Good luck on the )*^#&^# dresser!

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doulamom said...

when i put together my computer armoire it TOOK 12 HOURS!!!! I timed it. @#$#$%! ridiculous!!!