Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, here's the story: the twins, Annabelle and Daisy, have been in a combo ballet/tap class for - gosh . . . going on a year now I guess. I've spent quite a bit of money on different tutus for them ('cause you know, when you're a girlie girl, one is never enough). I recently found instructions, however, on how to make them myself, and voila! So now the girls can have a whole closet-full of tutus if I get carried away with this :) Lilah is not yet old enough for dance, but she loves to dress up with her big sisters, so I made one for her too.

The pics really don't do the colors or the details justice. This one (Lilah's) is white with lavendar and blue tulle and white rosettes around the waist and a big tulle bow:

Daisy's - white with lavendar tulle, rhinestones around the waist and a bow:

Annabelle's - white tulle with pink rosettes around the waist and a sheer pink dotted bow:

The twins-
Daisy -

Lilah -

Annabelle -


Sarah said...

Those are so cute! I can't wait until Darcy is old enough to want to play dress up.

Leigh Anne said...

how cute! i plan on making one for syd's 1st "ballerina" birthday. those look great & the girls look like they love them!

Jen said...

Good job, Mama! Those are some beautiful girlie-girls you've got (and the tutus are nice too!)

Wendy P said...

Damn y'all make pretty babies! Cutie-cute tutus and pics!

Anonymous said...

Completely adorable...

Lisa - you're talented! You should make those and put them online. Seriously.

Shelley said...

Aww those girls are so cute!! I may have to learn how to make them now!

Chrystal said...

I looooove tutus. Yours are really nice. Shoot, Audy is right. I'd buy one.

Your girls are so, so precious and your photos of them are fantastic.