Thursday, March 19, 2009

I guess Obama isn't God after all

Shame on him. Really. I'm so disappointed.


Karly said...

I think it's disappointing, but I think none of us is probably free of guilt from making shitty comments like this at some point. It was tasteless and actually I am sure most of the kids in Special Olympics could kick his ass (and most other typical people) in bowling.

I am hoping there will be a suitable apology.

Karly said...

Oh and just as a disclaimer, I like Obama, but never thought of him as "God." So yeah, he's a guy who is going to screw up from time to time...I just expect him to take responsibility and do better in the future. (I think it would have been a different story for me if I didn't feel that he is trying to do a lot to preserve and expand EI for the benefit of our kids...he was poking fun at himself and failed, badly).

Wendy P said...

Karly - I thought the same thing - A Special Olympian would kick his ass in bowling.

I was really disappointed, too.

Anonymous said...

I hope this helps a little: