Saturday, March 28, 2009

How sad is it . . .

. . . that I'm sitting up alone at 11:21 p.m. blogging? Or that I had a nice cocktail alone tonight, made for me by my husband who promptly went to bed afterwards, and although I got an excellent buzz, it was wasted because I had nobody to crack up with?

The house is quiet and I should be enjoying the solitude, but mostly I just feel lonely.

I am perfectly aware that attitude has so much to do with everything, and that I need to adjust mine. I've allowed myself to fall into the dreaded pit of self-pity this week, and I will now endeavor to dig myself out. Starting tomorrow.

Nighty night.

1 comment:

Carla said...

Ebb and flow, darlin', ebb and flow. Of course you will have weeks of pity and weeks of hope and weeks of humor and on and on. As usual, the gist (sp.?) of my comment is "cut yourself some slack".