Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Did you know that there is something called Magic Mouthwash? It's not an actual prepackaged product on the market, but rather a concoction of different ingredients mixed up by a pharmacist on doctor's orders. It's specifically for chemo patients and other people with health and/or treatment conditions that result in mouth sores. So, it turns out that this is one of many bizarre but common side effects of chemo. And it can be quite debilitating, as I have personally witnessed over the last few days. All I ever knew about chemo was that it makes a person nauseous, tired, and lose their hair. Well, Michael is not experiencing any of those side effects, but he's suddenly experiencing a host of other, less well-known-to-the-general-public side effects.

So he called his oncologist's office this morning and reported his symptoms. The good doctor instructed him to turn off his chemo pump for now, and he called in a prescription to the local pharmacy for a bottle of Lidocaine. He also told Michael to pick up some liquid (children's) Benedryl and some liquid Malox or Mylanta, and instructed him to mix equal portions of each of the three ingredients and use as a mouthwash. He tried it out for the first time just a little while ago, and the relief appeared to be almost immediate. It left his mouth numb, but that's got to be a hell of a lot better than pain.

He has his usual weekly appointment with Dr. A, the oncologist, tomorrow morning after radiation, and he'll decide whether Michael needs a break from chemo for a few days, or just a lower dosage.

Stay tuned.


heather said...

The sores in the mouth are my patients biggest complaint! I haved multiple canker sores and know how miserable it can be so he gets lots of sympathy from me and I hope the miracle mouthwash stands up to it's name for him! Is he on F5U chemo?

Cheryl said...

You don't know me and that is unimportant, but I found your blog thru Khourt's blog, and have been following the 'adventures' of you and Michael through a link on her blog.
Whole different scenario, but wanted to tell you that Miracle Mouthwash (as we called it) worked just that, "miracles" with my mom when she was going thru the trials of chemo.
Bless you and Michael for your strength and courage; and you for keeping an amazing blog.
May God bless, and please know you have a new friend in Alabama who admires you both and adds you to her prayers.

livinglifeafter65 said...

I am glad to hear that someone has come up with something for mouth ulcers. When I was growing up, my dad used to dig for a root that grew wild in our "forest". It was a bitter root, but when chewed - the juice would heal the sores overnight. Well, My dad depended on "yellow" root all our life, and we find that it is now called "golden seal" or "gold seal". It comes in pulvarized form and also capsule. Either way, it does work on mouth sores and ulcurated stomach.

We don't have anyone on Chemo now, but glad to know about the miracle concoction.

I too follow your blog, just so know about your family. Thanks for sharing.

Our Little Family said...

Lisa, I just commented on the post above, having not seen this one yet. I can only imagine the pain of the mouth sores. Ugh. Hopefully, he can get a little relief from the "magic" and a rest from the lack of chemo. He's in my thoughts everyday.