Monday, March 30, 2009

And the Mother of the Year Award goes to . . . .

I know. It's starting to seem like we live in The House of Drama.

The girls discovered this fun trick a while back where they (one at a time) will stand in front of me and I hold their hands and then they sort of climb up my legs and then flip themselves over. It's great fun. So they were doing this a little while ago. When Lilah's turn came, her wrist got twisted in the process. She cried . . . and cried . . . and cried. We couldn't find any swelling or bruising but wrapped her hand and wrist in ice anyway. She was totally favoring that arm, refusing to let it touch anything. She wouldn't eat dinner. She just cried and held her arm and said "Mommy hurt my arm." After about 40 solid minutes of crying, it was clear that she needed to go to the ER. So Michael took her while I stayed here with the other kids, feeling like absolute shit.

I'm just sick over this.


Michael texted me a few minutes ago and said that she's got something called Nursemaid's Elbow . . . ???


Great, so basically I dislocated her elbow :( The ER doc assured Michael that it's very common, especially in children this young, and that it's usually the result of this sort of horseplay, swinging a child by the hands/wrists, and picking them up by the hand/wrist when they do the floppy noodle thing. Anyway, so the doc relocated her elbow with a quick maneuver and she seemed to feel better almost immediately. No sling or splint or anything. They're on their way home now.

I don't think it's possible to feel any worse than I feel about this :(


Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh, really, you didn't do anything that every one of us hasn't done. It just went awry.

A few weeks ago, I had the babies on the floor practicing rolling over. Megan got her teeny little arm stuck the wrong way and dislocated her shoulder. She was in utter agony for hours until it got repositioned. I cried and cried...but, I know it wasn't my fault. Neither is this your fault.

I'm so sorry it happened!

Carla said...

Woot! I've been upstaged, for the moment, by another mom of the year! Seriously, I'm so sorry about Lilah getting hurt and you feeling awful. While it hasn't happened to Claire (yet?), it has happened everyone one of my friends. So, yes, I've heard of Nursemaids Elbow before. Hugs to you and Lilah. :-)

Tricia said...

Oh honey! It's not your fault. It's a common thing I am sure. Just like the doctor said. I am sorry it happened, but she's all better now. Take it easy on yourself. You need a break!!!!

Lovin Mama said...

You were just having fun with you girls, so don't feel bad. My friend did the same thing to both of her kids. Still, its just one more thing I'm sure you didn't need to deal with. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I've been following you for awhile. (I don't have a blogger account) I know exactly how you feel. When my oldest son was 2, we were playing around and I lifted him by his arms. Moments later he was screaming in agony. His poor little arm was limp and I was positive that I'd broken his arm. Thankfully it was just the nursemaids elbow and was easily fixed. My dr said that its VERY common and happens all of the time. So don't feel too badly! You didn't mean to hurt her.
Remember though, that once the elbow is dislocated, its more likely to happen again in the future.
Take care,