Friday, March 6, 2009

A Milestone

Today Joey lost his first baby tooth! You may recall that I posted three months ago that that sucker was loose. It's taken this long for it to finally come out. The thing is, his two bottom adult teeth are coming in already - behind the baby teeth, and the baby teeth haven't been budging. As he has a cleaning scheduled with the dentist in a couple of weeks, they told me to have him really work on those two bottom loose teeth - otherwise they'd have to extract them. So I told him today that he needed to work on those teeth, really wiggle them so they would come out before his dentist appointment in a couple weeks. Well, tell this boy to do something, and BAM, it's done! (I kid. Usually it's not so easy to get him to do something . . . especially if it will involve blood - the kid is squeamish.) Within 10 minutes of my telling him to work on those teeth, he had one out:

One down, one to go. So tonight will be the first time the Tooth Fairy has visited our home in a looooong time!


Carla said...

I look forward to hearing what the tooth fairy brings for Joey! Congrats Joey and good work! :-)

Chrystal said...

I am so not ready for these days.

I'm squeamish too. Blech!

audy said...

Congratulations Joey!