Thursday, November 13, 2008


Annabelle twirls her hair with a finger. It's a habit she's had since she was a baby. She mostly does it on one side in the back, but every once in a while she'll twist up a nice corkscrew right up front making her look exactly like a human unicorn. Anyhow, the problem with this little habit of hers is that she twirls these beastly knots into her hair which can only be remedied by cutting them out, and eventually that one side in the back is shorter than the other side and I have to even it all up and give her a good trim all over. (This is why Daisy has long hair and Annabelle has short hair.)

So tonight after her bath, I decided it was time for a trim. She decided it was NOT time and proceeded to go into hysterics. The entire time I was trimming (I'm no hair-stylist, but fortunately curly hair is forgiving), she was crying and saying over and over "Mommy, don't cut it all off, don't cut it all off!" And I suddenly had this vision of her future self in some therapist's office with red, swollen eyes and balled up tissue in her fist, relaying some sad story about how her horrible mother once cut all her hair off in a fit of rage when she was a little girl, like a scene from Mommy Dearest. (Do I have a wild imagination?)

So I just wanted to show for the record that I, in fact, did NOT cut all her hair off:

Pretty cute, actually.

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