Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Good Day

Everyone I've run into today has had a smile on their face, and morale seems to be way up this morning after last night's election results. When the election was called last night, I could hear all kinds of car horns honking outside - it sounded positively festive. You can almost feel hope in the air.

In addition to Daisy's first speech therapy session going well, I put $60 into my gas tank this morning and it actually got me a full tank! That hasn't happened in I don't even know how long - a looooong time, that's for sure.

As I was walking to school this afternoon to pick Joey up, a woman whom I've never met before caught up with me and told me how she sees me all the time walking to school with my kids and how "wonderful" a mother I seem to be (her word, not mine), and how well I seem to have it all under control. Honestly, I was like "Ummmm, you sure you have the right person?" Okay, even if she is seriously deluded, I'll take the compliment. I wish I could say that I was above needing outside validation, but I'm so not.

And the best news of all is that my friend Laurie's son Dylan, who had open heart surgery yesterday, is fighting the good fight and showing everyone what he's made of.

A good day, indeed.

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