Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One of these days, I'll catch up

I seem to recall summer break being a time of laziness and relaxation. So far this summer break, not so much. Seems like it's just been go, go, go, and as a result I am woefully behind on reading my favorite blogs as well as writing on my own. In a nutshell (not that this is earth-shattering stuff, or even stuff anyone might give a crap about; this is really just my compulsion to document stuff):

<> Joey has been in swimming lessons every morning this week, which will continue through next week.
<> I've been cracking down on having the kids do household chores, which is a blog post in the making in my head.
<> I have not yet tackled my goal of trying to become a better photographer, but am still thinking about it all the time.
<> Most of the flowers I planted over spring break are now dead, exactly as I suspected would happen.
<> Both Joey's and Finn's birthdays are coming up. We are having a birthday party for Joey this weekend and I'm a little stressed out about it. Also, I got it in my head that I wanted to create a photo montage of Joey from babyhood to now, so I've been staying up late at night scanning baby pictures into the computer, as we didn't get a digital camera until he was around 2. Also, seeing pictures of myself skinny and several years younger is just depressing.
<> I got an iPad. Which I am typing this from right now. Neener neener.

And now, dinner.

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