Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mama Mia

It's funny how often I long for peace and quiet, and even solitude, but on the rare occasions I actually get those things, I just feel lonely and a little sad.

Michael took all the kids except Finn on a little day trip today. Just a little drive up the coast to visit family. I opted to stay behind with Finn because . . . well, for a number of reasons, among them that with Finn's current eating and napping requirements, it's just tough to take him off his routine.

The morning was as noisy and chaotic as usual, with the kids bickering and tattling on one another, trying to get everyone dressed and ready to go, cleaning up a mess of spilled coffee in the carpet a la Finn, etc., etc. There came a point, as there usually does, when I swore that if I heard "MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!" one more time, I would scream.

And then they all paraded out the door, leaving me and Finn behind. Finn and I ran a couple errands, I picked up some Chinese food for lunch for myself, and then came home and put Finn down for his nap. And suddenly, the house seems oddly quiet and lifeless. I am appreciating the peace and solitude, but at the same time, I miss those rascals - and the hubs, too. And I worry. I worry any time Michael leaves with several of the kids, picturing the worst in my mind's eye. All it would take would be some drunk driver to wipe nearly all of my family out. At least if I were with them, we'd all go together . . .

Okay, enough of the morbid thoughts.

I guess I'll do some laundry, curl up with a book for a while, and maybe Finn and I will go for a walk when he gets up from his nap.

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Watermelon Gypsy said...

I do the same thing! lol My husband and I were joking about this the other night while on a date sans kids. We always talk about how we can't wait to get out for a little us time & then when it happens all we do is talk about the kids! lol

I do hope you have a good afternoon & that your husband and kids arrive home safely to you.