Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Our weekend was all about dance. The three girls have been taking ballet/tap classes for a few months now. When I initially signed them up, we had the opportunity to sign them up to participate in the spring recital, which I jumped on since I've been waiting, like, my whole life for stuff like this, and which turned out to be a most elaborate production of The Wonderful Land of Oz, and which was today (on Father's Day).

Yesterday was dress rehearsal, which turned out to be a really big deal and which took about half the day. The first order of business was to put full make-up on the girls. Quite an undertaking, seeing that (a) I'm no makeup artist, and (b) they weren't digging the whole process.

Here are my beautiful, fresh-faced little girls: Lilah, Daisy, and Annabelle -

They look like scary Vegas showgirls with all that garish makeup, no? But it's theater, you know, and apparently it's important to lay it on thick so it's visible from the stage,




In costume, waiting backstage for their turns.

Lilah is a Poppy - isn't she the cutest darn poppy you ever did see?

The twins performed in a dance number "He's the Wiz."

These photos and video footage are only from the dress rehearsal, as we weren't allowed to take photos or video during the actual show today. I was blown away by the whole production, though. It was amazing. There were well over 100 kids doing different dance numbers in a 90-minute show, everything from hip-hop to ballet and tap. It was really, really cool.

Dorothy with Toto, the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and TinWoman-

The Wicked Witch-

Lilah is the red poppy standing -

Dorothy and Glinda -

Annabelle and Daisy are the two in the center, closest to the Wizard -


Kandis said...

Lisa, I just did the same with my Daisy and it was so fun. Then I started adding up all the money for the dance classes, costumes, tickets to the show and thought "wow"! For her 2 little minutes on stage. But I don't care, it was fun. Your girls are adorable and it looks like the studio puts on a great show.

Heidi said...

oh, what fun! i found myself watching your videos with such a silly proud grin. i loved it!

Crittle said...

Oh, they're PRECIOUS!

I'm so glad to hear that it was an enjoyable show. :)

The Sanchez Family said...

All three of your girls are just beautiful and precious! And Annabelle is GORGEOUS with makeup on (and off of course but you can really tell what she is going to look like as a young out boys!!!)