Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heads Up

Kevin has been asked to be interviewed on the radio! The topic is bullying, which has (finally) become a hot topic that people actually want to do something about, thanks to the sad case of Phoebe Prince. Kevin was involved in a pretty serious bullying situation a couple years ago at school. Here is what I wrote on my (old) blog on Feb. 14, 2008:

"There's also this bullying situation at school with Kevin. He's been the target of a group of bullies for several months now. One of the kids punched him in the side of the head a couple months back and some of the kids who witnessed it thought Kevin may have been unconscious for a few seconds. (He's not sure, he just remembers being dazed.) That kid was supposedly dealt some sort of consequence, but whatever it was, it's confidential. He's left Kevin alone since then (except for chasing after him that same day after school), but another kid in this little gang has continued to verbally harass Kevin, calling him names, threatening him, using all kinds of obscene language towards him, and now it's escalated to the point that this kid made a comic strip depicting himself KILLING Kevin, and he brought it to school and showed it to Kevin. I have been on the phone repeatedly with the principal and have come to the conclusion that he is absolutely useless. All he ever says is "I'll look into the situation and talk to both boys." Blah Blah Blah. Look where talking has gotten us! I called him again yesterday after this comic strip incident and told him, "Something needs to be done about this kid. He's obviously got violent tendencies. Something really bad is going to happen and everyone is going to look back and say, 'Yeah, there were signs . . .' I think this kid should be expelled." You know what the principal's response was? He chuckled and said "Well, now, I can't do that." WHAT?? What the hell can he do then? So, on several other parents' advice, I called the police department and asked them what could be done, and they said that at the elementary school level, matters like this have to be taken up with the principal! The police won't get involved until/unless the kid actually commits a crime. So, let's get this straight: I have a principal who can't or won't seem to do anything to ensure my son's safety at his school, and the police won't get involved until this kid actually HARMS my son. That's just effing great!"

The radio station he is being interviewed on is not local; however, if you're interested, you can listen to the interview live tomorrow, June 3 here:

People can listen live at or they can listen to the podcast later--it'll be available at that same link. OR, they can subscribe to the show podcasts on iTunes at:

Kevin is expected to go on the air between 10:15 - 10:30 p.m. EST.


diane rene said...

another proud mom moment! way cool!!

I am not home for the live broadcast, but will be catching the podcast later for sure!

alyny said...

Oh wow!! I am from where the Phoebe Prince case happened Lisa. There is a lot more to that tragic story. Believe me when I say that South Hadley would have swept that under the rug if hadn't been for the intense national media attention. Schools need to step in more w/o a doubt. I am sorry that happened to Kevin but I am seriously so proud of that kid he is amazing

Cindy said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm curious. So what happened after the useless principal did nothing and the police wouldn't get involved? Bullying is something I cannot tolerate. It is mean, unextremely hurtful and uncalled for. In many cases, bullying will seriously affect a child's self-esteem and result in damages that are lifelong. I hope the bullying phase kelvin experience was a short one. poor kid.

Stephanie said...

I missed the the broadcast but will be sure and check out the podcast. It breaks my heart to hear about kids getting bullied.

I remember there were a couple girls that used to pick on me in school and it made it such a dreaded environment. I used to even play sick so I wouldn't have to go in.

My kids absolutely know that such behavior won't be tolerated and if I ever hear of them bullying or harrasing another kid they'll be in BIG trouble. I also try to instill empathy in them, kind of a "how would you feel" scenario.

Once again, you have so much to be proud of in your young man!

PS: the answer to your question is 35, but thanks for the smile and ego boost :)