Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Graduates

What a year it's been! And hard to believe how quickly it went.

Last night the twins' kindergarten class had a little graduation ceremony. Songs were sung, cheers were shouted, tears were shed (I can't help it!), and diplomas were given out:

Annabelle and Daisy are the two super cute girls in the middle in the black velvet dresses.

Daisy shaking the principal's hand before collecting her diploma -

Annabelle ran up . . .

. . . and ran back as quick as she could. Not liking the spotlight, that one.

Here they are with their lovely teacher at the after-party.

My two big almost-first-graders -

I remember how scared I was at the beginning of the school year. Are they really ready for kindergarten? With late September birthdays, they didn't even turn 5 until after the school year started. Will Daisy's phobia's cause major problems? Will Annabelle be able to sit still and behave and stay focused? Ahhh, I was beside myself with worry about all of it.

But with the help of a wonderful, patient teacher who, throughout the year, saw only the best in my girls, they did beautifully. Daisy has overcome so many of her fears and phobias - it's hard to believe she's the same little girl. And Annabelle thrived on the structure of a daily school routine. They both learned to read and do simple math, they made friends, and they grew up just a little bit.

And now they're ready to take on the world in first grade.


Anna Alexandrova said...

You go girls!

...and here's to good teachers!

diane rene said...

woo hoo! congratulations, girls :)

Crittle said...

How cute are they?!

And I love seeing the differences in their personalities shine through.

Kristin said...

So glad that they were successful! Way to Go Girls.