Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Morning

6:45ish a.m. Get up. Change the baby. Get dressed (meaning: put hair up in sloppy clip and throw some sweats on). The twins are already up, so make sure they go potty. Get Lilah up. Have her go potty. Throw a load of diapers in the washing machine and bring load of clothes from dryer upstairs. Get all the girls dressed. Nurse the baby. Load all four little ones into the truck because I promised them pancakes from McDonalds (terrible, I know), which was really a ploy to keep them happy so I could go through the Starbucks drivethru to get my coffee. On the way to Starbucks/McDonalds, call Michael on his cell to see how things are going with the boys and hear that Kevin got carsick on the way up the mountain and they had to pull over so he could vomit. Bring coffee and pancakes home. Put Finn in Jumperoo. Get said breakfast on the table for the girls. Clean up the kitchen. Strip bed. Transfer diapers from washer to dryer and put bedding in washing machine. Put clean sheets on bed. Send girls out to play in backyard. Make girls' beds. Give Finn a bath. While giving Finn his bath, hear girls screaming their heads off outside. Peek through window to see that they are fighting over the see-saw. Decide that I am not going to break up another silly fight; they need to learn how to work out their own differences. Nurse baby. Put baby down for nap. Pick up stray toys around the living room. Sit down to coffee which is now cold, and computer so I can blog about what I did this morning. Sigh. It's now a little after 10 a.m.


Michael took Joey and Kevin up to the mountains to ski for their first time today. It's bittersweet for me: I miss them (really!), but the semi peace and quiet is sorta nice.


Leigh Anne said...

I'm not even 1/10 as productive as you Lisa...and I only have one kid! I need to kick it into gear, LOL.

Kristin said...

Sounds strangly like my morning. Minus the vomit. Fun being a mommy. I love it.

Sammie said...

Congratulations Lisa! "Adventures in Motherhood and Other Risky Endeavors" has been reviewed and added to Blogging Women.

Another wonderful job done with your blog. It's my pleasure to add another quality women's blog to our directory!