Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have to laugh or I'll fall apart.

The parallels here are truly uncanny. The shit that has caused all this property damage . . . originates of the colon. The bowels of my house are problematic, as are the bowels of my husband . . . And the house had to have a colonoscopy performed last night (okay, it's not called that when it's your house, but, let's see, a scope with a camera on it . . .). Michael, I love you. Please don't be mad at what I'm posting here.

And it's all happening simultaneously! What the eff!?! If I didn't know better, I'd think there was some message here to heed. Like, um, "shit happens"? I don't know.

So the latest:

Michael had his radiology consult yesterday and as of now, radiation treatments are slated to begin the week after next. Apparently they must start on a Monday. Don't know why. There is now some confusion as to when he will start chemo. We were told by the oncologist that his pump will be filled up with meds and turned on this coming Thursday. However, the radiologist told M yesterday that chemo and radiation need to start on the same day, and since radiation can't start until the following Monday . . . it's all kind of up in the air at this point.

Deep breath.

As for the house. The insurance adjuster came out late yesterday afternoon, and lo and behold, the shower drain through which all the sewage upchucked the other night to cause all this mess backed up again, while the guy was here! Actually I think this was a piece of good luck on our part. He told us to get a plumber out post haste and have them run a camera through the main line, which the insurance would pay for. So we did, and the problem was found to be lots and lots of tree roots, which certainly belong to our neighbors, as we have no trees on our property but we are surrounded by neighbors who all have lots of mature trees on their properties. However, it doesn't seem possible to sort the roots and determine who they actually belong to, so we're probably screwed as far as that goes. The insurance company will pay for all of our property damage (which includes carpet, drywall, linoleum, paint, baseboards, door jambs, and a bathroom vanity), as well as the house colonoscopy, but they won't pay to remediate the root problem. Not sure what we're going to do about that, but the bottom line right now is that we're going to have some fairly major work done downstairs and the insurance company is paying for it. The timing just couldn't be . . . more ironic, I guess. Fortunately, it's isolated to downstairs and not our main living area, so it shouldn't have that big an impact on our daily goings-on.

I am going out to dinner with my husband tonight. I plan to drink. I am looking forward to it. The date and the drinking.


Kristin said...

Hang in there Lisa. Things have to turn around eventually right!?! I wish I was closer and I could offer some hands on help. All I have to offer is a virtual hug.

Carla said...

Shit may happen, but I want it to stop happening to you. Got that, universe?!

Carla said...

P.S. Enjoy the drinking!!! ;-)

Liz said...

Ditto Carla. She summed it up nicely.