Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Field Trip

Annabelle and Daisy have their first school field trip today. The kindergarten classes are going to visit a pumpkin patch, about an hour's bus ride away. I am full of worry. The big questions:

~ Will they freak out when it's time to get on the bus? They've never been on a bus before.
~ Will they freak out when the bus starts up its deisel engine and starts going?
~ Will Daisy lose her mind when they get to the petting zoo at the pumpkin patch?
~ Will Daisy use the public bathroom at the petting zoo or hold it all day long? (They are having a longer than usual school day today because of the field trip.)
~ Will they come home in one piece?
~ Will they still be welcome to attend kindergarten at this school after today?
~ Will they have a good time today?

Fortunately, Michael is going along as a parent helper. I sent him with the camera and a request for regular text message updates throughout the day.

Stay tuned.


Mel said...

I've been following your blog for a little while now. I hope the day goes well for them and is the first of years and years of happiness when they hear the magical words "field trip"!

ashamom said...

How did it go????

I hope it went great!!!!