Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Field Trip - a Recap

All in all, the girls' field trip to the pumpkin patch went well according to reports. There were a few hiccups (like both of the girls leaving their lunches back in the classroom!), but the event was deemed a success.

Lining up for the bus -

Uh, yeah. Daisy wasn't too happy to be on the bus. Surprise, surprise.

But I guess she settled down pretty quickly.

Ahh, finally there!

They saw farm animals -

Which Daisy didn't like. Imagine that!

They rode on a tractor -
Picked vegetables (and brought home the sorriest looking carrots, onions and "rashes" you ever saw) -

And of course picked pumpkins!

They both came home with big smiles and big stories! Daddy was worn out.

1 comment:

ashamom said...

Yayy! Sounds like success to me!
Glad they came back happy.
Why did the carrots look sorry? We need a pic of that.