Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Dancers

The girls started new dance classes today:

Tiny Tots dance for Lilah . . .

. . . and a ballet/tap combo class for Daisy and Annabelle.

I love this stuff! I missed out on all this when I was a kid, so I am totally living vicariously here.

(Oh, and check out the insanely long legs on the one instructor in the first pic. My first impression, for a split second, was that she was on stilts, I kid you not.)

This is Lilah's first experience with a dance class, and she really seemed to enjoy herself. This week the parents were allowed to stay in the room and watch; starting next week, we won't be allowed to stay because it's too distracting for the kids. I'm a little nervous about leaving Lilah, but really I think she'll be fine.

The twins have been in dance before (although it's been a while), but it was just a rinky-dink little class through the local Parks & Rec. This is at an actual dance studio and seems a little more . . . oh, I don't know - not rinky-dink. The girls really liked it and are especially happy because their old friend, Ellie, is in the class with them.

Anyway, who can resist a little girl in a tutu?


Carla said...

I loves me some little girls in tutus. they are too too cute. LOL Tatum is in her third year of ballet. I can't wait until Tess is big enough to start dance too.

Kristin said...

Not fair! I want a little girl. No tutus in my furure. Love the pics.

Esther and Brian said...

How sweet..they look so cute...I wanted to tell you that I see so much of you in the girls in their faces. the second photo that you posted- total mini-Lisa. I am sure that Michael is in them, too, without a doubt, but your features I can definately see. Off subject here, I know. Sorry!!!