Friday, February 5, 2010

Improving the world, one condiment at a time

Yesterday I signed onto the internet, and this news snippet jumped out at me from MSN's homepage:

Heinz to End 40 Years of Frustration With Revamped Ketchup Packet

I hadn't realized that this was such a big, pervasive, and long-lived issue! After reading the article though (and I guess their strategy worked: put a snippet up that will pique people's curiosity enough that they click on the link), I see how awful and far-reaching this has been without my even realizing it. I mean, who knows how many people have ended up on Prozac because that pesky ketchup packet at McDonald's was just the. Last. Straw. Who knows how many napkins have been wasted because of errant ketchup due to the faulty design of these ketchup packets? And I won't even try to guess at how many mothers have ended up slugging vodka straight out of the bottle because of the additional laundry these little suckers have resulted in. I mean, I never noticed that these ketchup packets were impacting my life so insidiously, but I am thankful to MSNBC for making me aware, and to Heinz for finally doing something about it.

My life, and yours, are about to get better. Thank you, Heinz.


Michelle Z said...

This was on the front page of our little local paper today. No lie!

Ooooh! New ketchup! Wow. Are we really that bored, that this is huge news??

Julie said...

I'll miss them. I like using the packets as little 'cold boo boos'...they freeze well and are slightly mushy, perfect for a short-term solution to little owies that need extra attention.