Friday, February 12, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

The twins are in cahoots, I'm sure of it. In fact, I'm pretty sure they've been in cahoots since birth - maybe even since before birth. It's always something with them. I mean, I love them like mad, but I swear . . .

The latest: somebody carved "I love U" into our coffee table today. Okay, the table is trashed anyway, granted. It has 10+ years of mileage on it; it's had more than its share of being pounded on, climbed on, having Hot Wheels driven across it, and so forth. But this was blatant vandalism (even if it is a sweet sentiment). The girls came home from school today, festooned with Valentine's hats and paper sashes and lugging buckets of candy and cards from their kindergarten Valentine's celebration. So I guess they - or, rather, one of them - was carried away by the festive spirit of the whole thing and decided to carve her sentiments into the coffee table for posterity.

Here's where the conspiracy comes into play. When we discovered the carving and demanded to know who did it, what do you think we got in response? "Annabelle did it!" Daisy insisted. "No, Daisy did it!" Annabelle declared. Each stuck with her story. I'm convinced that they set out to create reasonable doubt so that neither would get into trouble.

Smart cookies, those two.


The Beers Family said...

AHHHH! Oh No! At least its nice - my friends son scratched "I hate this car" into the hood of her car!

Esther and Brian said...

Lisa, I cannot wait until my twins do this teaming up-thing! Right now, at 17 months they are just taking stuff from each other- do you recall that stage? And since they are always together, well, it's a lot of not sharing!!! It will pass and then it will be like you guys, I'm sure!

Twins are special and share a very specific strong connection, I think, and it surely shows..on your coffee table!!!