Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't Quit Starbucks

. . . no matter how hard I try.

I've been enjoying a cafe mocha from Starbucks pretty much every morning for the last . . . let's see . . . fourteen, fifteen years. When I think about it rationally, I realize what a spectacular amount of money I have spent on what amounts to hot cocoa with coffee in it over that period of time. But I just can't seem to quit it.

A few years ago, I bought an espresso machine, determined to kick my Starbucks habit. I bought Starbucks espresso beans, Starbucks mocha powder, but no matter how much I tried, I could never duplicate the real deal. So the machine collected dust on the counter-top for about a year before I finally surrendered and put it away in a closet.

I've tried other places as they've popped up in the neighborhood:

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf -
I got a mocha from here once. It was awful. I couldn't even finish it. Tasted like it had fake sweetener in it, like saccharine or something. Bad aftertaste. Blech.

Peet's -
Their iced mochas are pretty good, but the hot ones I've had are bland, like they forgot to add the chocolate or something. Tasted like steamed milk with espresso in it (isn't that a latte or something?).

Tully's -
Just opened up in the location where my beloved Starbucks was until a couple months ago. I resisted trying their mocha on principle. Michael finally convinced me to try it, and it was actually pretty good. I mean, it's no Starbucks mocha, but it was fine. Plus, it's closer to my house than the Starbucks I've been going to since the old one shut down, and it's 25 cents cheaper a cup.

So have I made the switch?

Nope. Can't do it. I mean, Tully's'll do in a pinch, but I just can't bring myself to jump ship altogether. I clearly have loyalty issues. Fifteen years, people! And several of the girls from the old Starbucks moved to another location (which is where I drive every morning), and they know me by name . . . and they often start my coffee when they see my truck pull up and have it waiting for me by the time I get inside . . . and they give Lilah stickers and little mini Starbucks cups so she can go home and play Barista with her sisters.

How can I give that up?

Nope, I'll stick with Starbucks. Even if it bankrupts us.


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Leigh Anne said...

oh i love love love starbucks (i get a peppermint mocha every time, haha). one finally opened in my town. i really missed living in seattle when we first moved back to my hometown, haha. though i actually prefer seattle's best, we don't have one here. starbucks and seattle's best were close enough that i really am not just 'settling' for sb :)

Anonymous said...

Ha!! I am totally with you on that Lisa. I spend a ridiculous amount a month on Starbucks. I rationalize it though,I am a mom of 6 and if that's my worst vice well than I am doing great;)