Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I suddenly find myself in a very bad mood.

Maybe it's because I have a sneaking suspicion that a certain someone, hiding behind "Anonymous," is trying to get some point across to me (and/or my readers) here on my blog.

Maybe it's because someone said that they're "praying for a miracle" with regard to Michael. I can't speak for Michael, but as for me, it just irritates the shit out of me. While I truly appreciate the obvious love and concern behind the sentiment, I'm so weary of people expecting divine intervention to make anything better. A miracle? Really? So when Michael beats this and is well again, it will be a miracle? Or better yet, it will mean that certain people's prayers have been answered? Doesn't it follow, then, that that would mean that this God people believe in must hold Michael in higher esteem than all the people who have died horrible deaths despite prayers? And what if Michael doesn't beat this? Does God get the blame?

Maybe it's because our effing dishwasher broke down today. The top-of-the-line one that we bought and had installed when we moved into this house. The one that's only four freaking years old a dishwasher should last longer than that, no?).

Ack. I'm going to bed.


Maureen said...

I struggle with the same things. I was raised in a strict Catholic family that went to church every week and I attended Catholic schools. Religion was drummed into me my entire childhood. But I think alot about exactly what you expressed. I know people mean well when they say praise God and other sentiments like that but still... What about when the bad stuff happens? Who makes those things happen? Are we supposed to be praising God when good things happen and cursing the devil when bad things happen? I wish I knew the answers so I'm of no help there. You've written a very thought provoking post.

Kim said...

Can you block anonymous comments? Just a thought. That's what I'd do. You don't need someone messing with you. Really, you have enough on your plate right now. Or....here's a thought to anonymous, come out of the closet! What are you afraid of and why are you hiding? Lisa is very honest in all her posts. If you don't like them, don't read them. Lisa, don't change any of your writing. We LOVE your blog just the way it is....full of honest feelings and real.
PS I LOVED the Mother's Day post! I have to tell you, I was soooo envious of your day.... and then I got to the "real" day and you know what? It was about like mine. Real. ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw that "two sides to the story" comment and all I can think is: is it OK to leave your children feeling abused b/c you have a "reason" a "different side" ? No. As parents, we have a responsibility to suck it up and make them feel safe. No matter what walls are crumbling around us.

Anyway, good point on "miracles" and god in general.It would drive me bonkers too.

So sorry about your dishwasher!!!! Oh no! I hope it's something easy to fix!

love, Asha.