Friday, October 15, 2010

So Much Excitement!

So this afternoon I had a friendish over - my kids call her The Cupcake Girl because she made the cupcakes for the girls' tea party a couple weeks ago - to help her set up a blog to showcase her cake designing talents. She's a young mother of one deliciously cute toddler, and I'm sure that after witnessing my hooligans run wild for a couple hours, she's probably rethinking her plans to expand her family.

Anyhoo, at one point, Annabelle was getting carried away with her antics, as she is wont to do, so I took her into her room to give her a stern talking-to. While in there, she suddenly starts crying hysterically, and I'm thinking, "Great, Cupcake Girl probably thinks I'm in here beating the daylights out of her. " Turns out, Annabelle suddenly, out of the blue, realized that she had a loose tooth! Her very first! She was freaking out about it, and finally, I just had to walk away because Annabelle isn't calming down and the only way to stop her is to disengage. So I come back out and explain to Cupcake Girl that no, I was not beating my child, that she's upset because she just discovered that she has her first loose tooth. Meanwhile, Annabelle has closed herself in the bathroom, and is holding a tissue to her barely-loose tooth, crying, and refusing to come out and eat. "I can't eat dinner!" she wailed. "I can never eat dinner with a loose tooth!" "Honey," I told her, "that tooth isn't going anywhere for a week or two probably, and you can't go a week or two without eating. So come on out and eat." She refused. So I left her in the bathroom.

Not fifteen minutes later, she comes resolutely out of the bathroom and hands me a Dixie cup. Inside? Her tooth! I about fell over. "I had to get it out so I could eat," she explained very seriously to me.

Not long after, I got up from the table for a minute to tend to one of the kids, leaving my plate holding a good-size slice of pepperoni pizza on the table. I come back to the table and find Finn with my pizza in his pudgy hands, going to town on it. He ate the entire slice of pizza, all by himself. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is! While he has been making huge strides transitioning to table foods, I still have to be choosy about textures and consistencies. He's never had pizza! He ate a whole slice of it, all by himself. By himself!

I may swoon from all the excitement!


diane rene said...

wow! sounds like a busy day at your house!
awesome excitement tho.

Mumofone said...

You can't fault Annabelle's logic (even if it is a bit obscure!)
Statement: My tooth is loose
Statement: I can't eat with a loose tooth
Logical Solution: Remove the loose tooth
And as for Finn - he just looks adorable sitting there eating pizza. Wish my 2 year old would be that adventurous with food!!!