Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We survived. Have I mentioned that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday (refer to Halloween 2009)? Despite this, our family was hit with a strange, last minute bout of Halloween fever today which caused us to carve pumpkins, deck out our yard with tombstones and a decaying skeleton emerging from the ground, and outfit the windows with strobe lights and a track of evil sounds to scare the bejeezus out of the li'l trick-or-treaters. The neighborhood was the usual scene of throngs of people fighting their way up and down the sidewalks, but the kids had fun, so there's that. Oh, and gotta love the neighbor who was handing out candy to the kids and Jello shots to the grownups. Now, there's my kind of treat.

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Mumofone said...

Ihate Halloween. Its an annoying holiday with no purpose that I can see. Other than to promote unhealthy eating, encouraging begging and other dreadful behaviours. Unfortunately each year it seems to become a little more popular over here. Undoubtedly due to the marketing/advertising gurus who need a holiday to cover off the period before Christmas. Just as made up as Valentines Day or that holiday in the Simpsons that was made up by a department store to boost sales (Love Day) or the latest Foxtel campaign (Happy EOFYS). Where will it all end!?!?!?!?!