Monday, September 7, 2009

Third time's a charm?

Michael goes in tomorrow morning for the third attempt at his third cycle of chemo . . . sigh. It all depends, I assume, on where his white blood cell count is, as that's caused the delay for the last couple of weeks. His oncologist is prepared to give him an injection of Neupogen, which is a synthetic protein that stimulates the marrow to produce more white blood cells, but we're not clear if they will go ahead and administer the chemo with the Neupogen tomorrow, or just the Neupogen and delay the chemo yet again if his white count is still down.

It's completely maddening. On the one hand, every week that chemo has been delayed has brought some sense of relief that he didn't have to go through it. On the other hand, it just leaves it out there, still something that's got to be done.

All I know is, I'm bracing myself for a shitty week.


Larry said...

So how did it go - yes or no chemo? If he had it how is he feeling - hope it is a better week than you are anticipating :) Lisa

Leigh Anne said...

ditto to lisa above... :) thinking of you guys...