Sunday, August 30, 2009


The eve of the first day of the new school year, and here's where we stand:

Kevin, entering seventh grade, is nervous. Nervous about a full schedule of classes to memorize. Nervous about new teachers to get to know. Nervous about making new friends. Although he's returning to the same school he attended last year, the one, main friend he had last year (wth whom he's gone to school since third grade) isn't returning this year. I'm a little nervous for Kevin. I remember those feelings at that age. I'm also a little concerned about him making new friends. It's kind of strange - Kevin is extremely sociable, and he's actually in high demand among his established friends - none of whom attend school with him. So I'd like to see him reach out and make a couple friends at school this year.

Joey, entering second grade, is excited about school starting, but worrying himself silly about fire drills. I've assured him that there's no way there will be a fire drill on the first day of school. Michael and I have both tried to reassure him about fire drills, explaining that they have to be loud so that everyone will pay attention to them, but the noise can't hurt him. I remind him that there are lots of ways we can make our own noises that are louder than a fire drill and that aren't scary: Dad's guitar through his amp; a car horn, the whistle Dad got me. I told him that I can yell louder than a fire drill, and he's not afraid of me. I don't think any of these explanations and assurances are really helping. I won't be surprised if he's up a couple times tonight.

Daisy and Annabelle are SO excited about starting kindergarten. Daisy was practically wriggling with anticipation today - I swear, if she were a puppy, she'd have been wagging her tail like mad. Annabelle is a little more sedate about it all, but excited nonetheless. We picked out first-day-of-school clothes before bed tonight so we don't have to spend time fighting about it deciding in the morning.

Lilah really believes that she's one of the twins. She thinks they are truly a threesome (which they are in many ways), to the point that she talks about the girls' preschool experiences from last year as if they were her own ("Miss Lorena had butterflies in our class, Mommy."). So, she has this idea in her head that she is also starting kindergarten tomorrow. Ahh, my poor little girl. I hate to think of her broken little heart when we say goodbye to the girls in the morning and she comes home with me.

Finn, of course, has no inkling of any of this stuff. It's all business as usual to him.

Michael goes in for his second attempt at round three of chemo, after we do the big first-day-of-school send-offs in the morning.

And me? I am feeling strangely calm. Which, I assure you, has nothing to do with this drink sitting here in front of me.


Laurie said...

Yikes, big day! I'll be thinking of you all! Please let us know how everything goes...
((Hugs Mama))

Molly C said...

is Joey sensitive to all loud sounds or just nervous about the fire drill? when I was little I was really auditorily sensitive. so they'd warn me before stuff like fire drills, whistles in the cafeteria, etc. so i could be ready.

Hope it all goes well today!!!!!!

Karly said...

Thinking of you guys today and hoping it's a wonderful start to the school year.

Can't believe you only had one drink lined up in front of you. I probably would have felt like cracking open the bottle. ;)

Chrystal said...

Wow, this is such a big day for you, Lisa.

Kevin is so darn cute; he'll make all kinds of friends, I'm sure.

I hope things were fun and uneventful for Joey, Anabelle, and Daisy.

I can't help but want to give Lilah a hug. It'll be cool to see how her relationship with Finn develops from here though.