Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's 6:45 a.m. and I've been up for a couple of hours. Well, lying awake in bed anyway. And I spent most of the night tossing and turning. I can't turn my brain off. There's so much to think about.

How is it possible that it's Thursday of the last week of summer break already? Suddenly I am having that familiar guilt that seems to creep in at the end of summer break every year. Did I make the most of my time with the kids this summer? Probably not. Definitely not.

Class placements for Joey and the twins (who will be attending the same school) were posted yesterday, and we learned that Joey was not placed in the second grade class we had been counting on him being placed in. So I'm stressed out about that.

And the twins. Sigh. They start kindergarten on Monday. Kindergarten!! How did that happen?? They're both so excited, and I am too because I know they're ready, I know it will be good for them, but on the other hand . . . this is it. They're not babies anymore. No more home with Mommy. From here on out, they're school kids, students. And it's always hard for me to close a chapter. And the stress! Daisy's phobias - do we warn the teacher ahead of time? Or will that attach some stigma to her? Or do we let her get to know Daisy first? But really, for practical reasons, I feel like we should let the teacher know, because it's probably not going to take long before Daisy encounters a dog on school grounds (don't even get me started about the fact that there's an ordinance prohibiting dogs from being on school grounds but the principal of the school doesn't enforce it) and freaks the hell out. And all the work her preschool teachers did to help her overcome her fear of the school restroom? I realize now that she only got over the fear of that particular restroom. Starting at this school will be like starting all over again as far as her fear of the restroom. Thank goodness kindergarten is only 4 hours - she can hold it for that long. And Annabelle! Poor girl is going to go to school with tape on her fingers every day. But if I don't put the tape on, she's chewing her fingers up and pulling her hair out. Is she going to behave in school? She's such a terror at home. But she was never a problem in preschool, so why am I worried?

Ack! Will I sleep at all between now and the first day of school?


Kim said...

Lisa, do let the teacher know as much about the girls as possible and don't worry about anything else! As a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, I always appreciated the parents who let me know about their children's personalities, likes, dislikes, fears....etc. There is usually a form that is given to you from the teacher with a place to put comments about your child. My son (a twin) spent his entire year of first grade sitting on a stool near the back sink where he threw up daily. He suffered from seperation anxiety....but I am happy to say by fourth grade he had outgrown it! :) You'll laugh in years to me.

Kim said...

Oops....I mean "separation". I need spell check! Sorry :)