Friday, July 10, 2009

The sex talk

That Joey. Here's a synopsis of the conversation he and I had last night:

Joey (hugging me): "So, do you think you'll ever have another baby?"
Me: " . . . Daddy??"
Michael: "No."
Me: "Probably not, Joey."
Joey: "Darn. We need another baby. So, do you really make a baby with Dad?"

Oh God. Here we go. Shit.

Me: "Ummm . . . yeah."
Joey: "How?"

Crap. I hate these conversations. I'm not a prude . . . at least I don't fancy myself one. But these talks are always so uncomfortable. Makes me positively squirmy.

Me: "You know, I have this book . . ."
Kevin: "No! Not the book! He's too young! That thing scarred me for life!"

(He's referring to Where Did I Come From, which I gave to Kevin when I was pregnant with Lilah, so he was 9+ then. He was horrified by it. Horrified.)

Me: "Umm, okay. Well, I'll tell you the same thing I told Kevin at your age then. When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they get as close as they can to each other, and sometimes a baby starts growing inside the mommy from that closeness."
Joey: "But how?!"
Me: "If you want to know more, go ask your father."


Leigh Anne said...

love love love the last comment...michael was probably all, "ask your mother" haha.

and kevin...too funny that he said that book scarred him for i'm totally not looking forward to the day sydney starts her period! EEK!

Jeanette said...

I am not looking forwards to those talks. Right now my 5 year old is happy with "It just happens". I know, great mothering, huh?

*K* said...

I just shot Coke out of my nose, across my desk, and managed to spray half of my computer screen and part of my printer. Thanks, Lisa. Thanks, Joey.

Sheryl said...

Love the last line!

mom of 2 in Ottawa Canada said...

I remember how uncomfortable I was talking to my kids about sex when they were little! Now they are teenagers and I can pretty well talk about anything- if they will let me. We have very advanced sex-ed in our schools (catholic school!!!)and by grade 4 they know all the basics. You can opt out if you want- but most parents don't.
Joey sounds like such a cutey.I'm sure he will have many more question -so get ready!

Taryl said...

Ha! Perfect response! So what was so bad about that book that Kevin freaked? Was it just the idea of it all that grossed him out? I admit, sex is a whole lot more fun to *do* that to explain ;)

Larry said...
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doulamom said...

i bought "It's so Amazing" There are ones for older kids but I thought that one was WAY more than i wanted to talk to Corinne about even at 9.

doulamom said...

I mean I liked "Its so Amazing" the other one not so much... Maybe when she's 16!