Monday, July 20, 2009

8 Years

Today is our anniversary. Eight years of wedded bliss. Okay, truth be told, it hasn't all been bliss. In fact, the first couple years of being married was downright rough, what with Michael's adjustment from footloose and fancy free and my (probably unreasonable) expectations, having come out of a really bad marriage and not having any idea what a healthy relationship looked like, either from experience or observation. But we stuck it out and worked through it all, and eight years later, here we are: six kids, a mortgage, plenty of ups and downs and chaos. But it's perfect, our life together, with all the bumps and bruises.

A look back:

We got married on the beach. Here we are before the ceremony, stealing a kiss. I love this picture of us.

Making our way onto the beach.

Our friends made a big heart in the sand for us to stand in during the ceremony.

Everyone was barefoot, and the waves were literally lapping at our toes. It was sunset on a Friday evening, and we were surrounded by about 25 of our closest friends and family. The pastor who married us was the husband of a friend of mine.

Here we are, exchanging vows.

Michael also wrote and made vows to Kevin and gave him a medallion with three interlocking circles, representing the unity of the three of us.

We're a family now!

Michael and I spent our wedding night on this Chinese Junk, anchored in the harbor. It was very romantic and different.

The following day we had a big party to celebrate our new marriage. Here we are cutting our wedding cake.

(How sad that I look at this picture and think "Wow, I looked so thin and fabulous back then! Boy does it make me feel like crap now!")

The day after the party, we headed off on our honeymoon: a week spent on Maui and Kauai. It was paradise!

And here we are now (or recently, anyway), a little older and wiser, a little more careworn, but happier together than we've ever been.

Happy Anniversary, Michael. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Love, Asha.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Just beautiful! Congrats to both of you!

Leigh Anne said...

happy anniversary you two!!! i think you are still as gorgeous as you were 8 years ago lisa!

(we celebrated 8 years, too, last month)

Melony said...

Happy Anniversary! And -- you still look amazing! You are an awesome Mom and wife and you have so much to be proud of!:)

Wendy P said...

Happy Anniversary Y'all!!!

Carla said...

Happy, happy! And, girl, be in your skin with've birthed some beautiful little ones!

Taryl said...

Happy Anniversary. I still think his vows to Kevin are about the most heartwrenchingly precious this ever, and while you had a rockin' body then, you're still embarassingly hot for a mom of six kids.

Heck, I'm dieting my rear off to look like you do NOW!

I am so glad you guys had a nice anniversary, if anyone deserves to celebrate the triumphs of another year together it is you two.