Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Other Shoe

Less than a week after rejoicing in the wake of Michael's clear post-cancer CT/PET scan, he developed a very serious - potentially life-threatening - condition and ended up in the hospital after two trips to the emergency room. The problem appears to have resolved without surgery, but it was touch and go for a good part of the day today as to whether he would need surgery. As of now, we are hopeful that he'll be home by tomorrow night.

I am reminded once again of several things . . .

. . . that none of us ever gets to say "I've paid my dues." Just when you think you've had all the rotten in life that you should have to bear, life has a way of throwing just one more curve ball at you. And you rise to the occasion, because what else are you going to do?

. . . life is short. And precious. And fragile. Anything can happen, at any time.

. . . the human body is a wondrous thing! Appreciate all the parts that work properly!

. . . I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by caring friends who actually want to go out of their way for us. I am truly thankful.

. . . I love my husband with everything I have, and I miss him like crazy when he's not here.

. . . and last but not least, I'm really not crazy about doctors all that much.


christina said...

hope michael is feeling better

Taryl said...

Oh no, I am so glad he's okay! Health stress is the last thing you need and you're right - life is so precious and brief, and it's amazing (in some respects) more things don't go wrong with us!