Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank You

Every once in a while, someone leaves a comment here that deserves responding to by me. I read somewhere recently something about the comments left on a blog being what makes a blog a dialogue and not a monologue, and that really resonated with me. I guess that's what it all boils down to for me, this need to write publicly about the ups and downs of my humble life, and the sometimes mundane, sometimes crazy, shit that goes on in my head. It's about connecting to other people, you know? So the comments make me feel like someone's listening, someone out there can relate on some level.

When a comment is left that really strikes some chord with me, I look for a way to respond directly to the commenter, usually by clicking on their profile and seeing if they have a blog or an email address. Often, there is neither, just an anonymous profile with no mode of direct contact. I always feel slightly deflated when that happens, because I'd really sometimes like to just say a quick "Thank you!" or "Wow, you said some really meaningful things, let's talk about this some more." But if you don't have contact info listed, I can't do that.

Right now I am thinking of "Mumofone." Thank you so much for the comment you left yesterday regarding cancer. I wish I could talk to you about your experience more. I really appreciate everything you said, and thank you for your kind words.

I'd also just like to say a general thank you to everyone who reads my humble little blog and, for whatever crazy reason, is interested in the stuff I write. Thanks!

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Mumofone said...

My latest routine is to climb into bed and turn on my IPOD and go to my favourite blog and see if Lisa has written anything today....tonight was the same except that when I started reading my heart started beating really fast when I realised that you were talking about me! Oh my goodness. I was so touched I got out of my warm bed (it is just after midnight and winter in Australia after all) and have gone downstairs and spent 30 minutes getting my stupid computer to connect to the internet just so I can thank you for your post. Lisa you must know your blog strikes a chord with me and I simply wrote from the heart what I felt but to know that you appreciated what I had to say is just so special.
I would be honoured to talk with you more. Cancer sucks and if we can all help each other get through the experience and keep ourselves, our loved ones and our lives somewhat intact then that is something truly worth being thankful for :)