Friday, March 26, 2010

Quite a Spectacle(s)

We got a note from the school recently that told us Annabelle may need glasses based on the routine vision screening they do of all the children at school. So today I took Annabelle to my optometrist. Daisy came along for moral support. Annabelle was a little nervous until I told her that the eye doctor is a girl and is very pretty (that's what wins Annabelle over). The doc was WONDERFUL with Annabelle - really, I love her, she's great (so if you're in my area and looking for an optometrist for kids or adults, get in touch with me!) - and she even did a quick, complimentary screening of Daisy while we were there. Daisy has 20/20 vision. Annabelle, sure enough, needs glasses.

She tried on about 20 pairs of glasses. They all looked cute on her!

She settled on this pair of modest gray ones, which really kind of surprised me. I thought she'd insist on pink sparkly ones.

So, we'll pick them up in a few days. Annabelle is actually excited about getting glasses!


Wendy P said...

I can't wait to see her in her new specs!

Leigh Anne said...

so glad she's excited! she does look adorable in all of them. good for you for letting her pick them for're much nicer than my mama was, lol.