Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm not worthy of my camera.

About a year and a half ago, Michael got me a Nikon D90 camera for my birthday. I still don't know how to use it. Not really, anyway. Sure, I know the basics, like putting it in auto-mode, pointing and shooting, but that's really about it. I've had various point-and-shoot cameras over the years, and I wanted a better camera - a really good camera - so I could take really good photos. And true, even in auto-mode, this camera takes way better photos than any point-and-shoot I've ever had, but I know I'm not getting the most out of this puppy.

So I am undertaking a new . . . undertaking. To learn some basic photography and some basic photo editing. I really wish I could take a class at the local community college, but until the stars and planets align properly for something like that to happen, I'm settling for a couple of handy-dandy Dummies books and Photoshop Elements 8 for my laptop. Hopefully this will at least put me on the right path. I don't think I have an artist's eye for photography, and I'm not setting out to take professional quality photos, but I'd sure like to at least get the most out of this camera for an average mom and be able to take some really good pictures of my kids.

Wish me luck!

This photo, by the way, was taken with my iPhone :)


Stephanie said...

I always thought your pics were rather nice. I've been looking into an SRL myself. There's lots of photography websites and blogs, but some of the technical terms are way over my head. Looking forward to seeing some great pics!

Esther and Brian said...

Lisa, we have the D70 I believe. I absolutely love it. I know about 10% of this whole DSLR thing and I will never be a professional photographer but...I surely like the photos I take of the kiddos, if I may say so myself...I almost feel that you need a DSLR to shoot kiddos as they move too quickly! I do very minimal editing in Lightroom, if any. If the light is great (I do natural light only), I don't even need to do editing.

It's so much'll love it! Good luck!

Leigh Anne said...

i hope to get a good camera one day. and there are photoediting apps for the iphone...they take such good pics & w/ the apps..they look even better!

Talley Images said...

boo on Nikon (a Canon girl myself)... :)

I dont use Elements so I wont be alot of help there, but if you have camera questions, then I might can help....

Also, please download Picasa from google... its free and its so easy to edit with... :)