Friday, May 7, 2010

Kindergarten Mother's Day Celebration

Ahhhh, I wish I could write all cheerfully about how sweet and cute it was. I mean, it was, but crankiness abounded today. Seemed like everyone got up on the wrong side of their beds, and the day started off with whining, wailing, and whimpering, and it just never stopped.

So the kindergarten classes had a little Mother's Day celebration this morning. With Lilah and Finn in tow, I took Annabelle and Daisy to their class where we first all sat on the floor and listened to a very sweet story read by their teacher. Then we moms were taken to our children's seats where we were presented with a book our child had made about us (I got double from the twins).

Aren't the likenesses to me uncanny? I felt like I was looking in a mirror! (No, really, I LOVE this stuff, I do!):

Then the lights were dimmed and the teacher said, "Moms, now I want you to close your eyes and relax, and enjoy a massage." At which point the kids rubbed their moms' shoulders. Very cute.

Then we all went outside to the kindergarten playground and laid out blankets and had a little breakfast picnic. Which would have been nice except the girls were fighting over the muffins I brought, and then Annabelle decided she didn't like any of the ones I brought and so instead started mooching food off our neighboring picnickers. Sigh.

Daisy and Lilah (who believes that she's a kindergartner, too - especially since the twins spent the last couple of days preparing her for today's event by teaching her how to be a kindergartner) played happily on the playground for a while, but Annabelle was super clingy. She wouldn't leave my side, and she wouldn't stop whining. When it was time to wrap it all up, she had a fit that she wanted to go home with me, and Lilah had a fit that she wanted to stay in kindergarten. Maybe I should have switched them for the day.

When it was time to pick the girls up from school this afternoon, they had flowers for me:

Only, they didn't want to actually give them to me and all three girls were fighting over them.


And the crabbiness still hasn't stopped. This has been the prevailing sound today:

People talk about whining being an inhumane form of torture. And it is. But I swear, just as intolerable is the wailing. You know, this:


Honestly, someone just put me out of my misery.

Oh well. Tomorrow's another day.


diane rene said...

ohhh I so get that! that was our yesterday when it took 3 and half hours to get through homework and then falyse fell asleep before she could bug me for her bedtime snack (this ritual begins at 7pm, so she crashed EARLY).

I hope that tomorrow is a happier day - NO SCHOOL =)

ashamom said...

This is us too. It's like they get super cranky around Mother's Day. Every year. I noticed it last year too. Must be the Mother's Day, right?
After a week of crabbines, I decided to go out with my best friend today.
I just needed to get out!