Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Every once in a while, like for a short period this morning, there is an utter perfectness. The sun has not yet made its entire ascent, there is a faint chill, a light breeze is blowing, the sky is an impossible blue, all is quiet, and there is a crystalline quality to the air. I just want to drink it all in. It makes a person just glad to be alive.

(This is another reason I blog; if I spoke these words out loud, people would look at me like I was a loon. When I write it, on the other hand, it sounds poetic and eloquent, don't you think?)

There's something about the contrast of the green treetops against the blue, blue sky that I just love.


The Hapa Girl said...

Great pictures Lisa! Glad to see you using your camera! What are the details of this great camera of yours?

Stephanie said...

Wow Lisa your floral pics are quite beautiful especially...I love that time of the morning also, well that is after I've had my coffee and am actually functioning.

NorCalMom said...

Great pictures! I have a "Sweet Blog" award for you, so stop by when you can.

Crittle said...

You have some very romantic trees on your street. I just love them.