Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Name Game

It all started back when I was pregnant with Finn. Kevin and I had gone to Barnes & Noble one night to browse, and I came across a book of unusual baby names. Can't remember the title, but it was something like Funky Baby Names for Hip Parents (okay, I just totally made that up, but it sounds good, doesn't it?).

Let me back up a little and explain that Kevin, my eldest spawn, and I apparently have a very similar sense of humor. We are cut from the same dorky cloth, cast from the same goofy mold. Michael is forever condescendingly rolling his eyes at me and Kevin, whom he might come across rolling helplessly on the floor, with tears running down our cheeks and holding our ribs, cracking up over some silly joke we've made.

So Kevin and I are at B & N a couple years ago flipping through this book of Funky Baby Names, because, alas, the as yet unborn babe who will become Finnian remains unnamed. There were some interesting names in that book. "Coffee" stands out in my memory - I kid you not. Various fruits, as well, such as "Berry" and "Kiwi." The one that really sticks in my memory, though is DANG. I'm not kidding. Dang. So Kevin and I try it out:

"Dang, you're so cute!"
"Dang! Come in for dinner!"
"Dang, I love you so much . . ."

By now, we are cackling and close to writhing on the floor with laughter right there in the book store.

Ever since then, it's become a favorite pastime of Kevin's and mine - making up Funky Baby Names.

"Hey, Mom, what if you had a kid and you named it Hey-you?!"
"Hey-you, clean up your room!"
"Hey-you, you're the best son a mother could have."
"Hey-you, brush your teeth now."

"Or how about Stinky?"
"Hi, this is my son. He's Stinky."

"Or what if you had a kid and you named her Be Quiet?"
"Be Quiet, it's time for bed!"
"Did you do your homework Be Quiet!?"

"Or here's a good one! How about if you had a baby and you named it Dude?"
"Dude, you're so precious."
"Dude, did you make a poopy? Do you need a new diaper Dude?"

Really, this game can get endless mileage. Today we even came up with twins named Satan and Crazy Jesus.

"Crazy Jesus, I told you to stop beating up on Satan!"

Try it! I promise it will provide hours of entertainment for you and your family :)

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Kara said...

My Dad loves ridiculous baby names as well. We joke that it's a good thing that my sister was born a girl, because the only boys names in the running at that time were Bodkin Van Horn and Biffalo Buff (from Dr Seuss Too Many Daves poem).