Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Day In the Life

mommy are you awake ummmm can i watch tv go potty first drag myself out of bed brush teeth climb into sweats take the dog out go pick up coffee come home make the bed get the baby up clean up the kitchen throw diapers in wash feed finn breakfast make the girls' beds put on some makeup for god's sake change into something presentable what to wear what to wear oh i'll just wear this i don't feel too fat in this where are you going mommy can i go no i'm going by myself daisy's crying now oh god make a run for it go to bank go to target go to mall have to get michael a birthday present what in the world should i get him hmmmmmm oh this will be perfect oh and the girls need shorts too hey i made pretty good time go home change finn put finn down for a nap take the dog out clean up the lunch dishes more laundry oh shit i forgot about that spill on the carpet under the ottoman from the other night clean the carpet sew three doll slings mommy can i have a snack in a minute mommy can i have a snack in a minute in a minute get the baby up change the baby take the dog out what would you like for a snack this no this no that no that okay here you go clean up sewing stuff feed the baby fold clothes more laundry oh no i didn't take anything out for dinner run to the store make dinner clean up michael can you give the girls a bath more laundry pick up house feed the baby finish up lilah's bath comb everyone's hair oh the tangles in her hair one more load of laundry boys clean up your room change finn put finn to bed nighty night baby boy goodnight girls love you see you in the morning boys take your showers take the dog out feed the dog take a shower okay i need to shave my legs should i shave my legs eh i'll skip it too tired hopefully michael won't feel my legs geez i never even ate dinner what are you doing up lilah do you want to sit in the rocking chair with me for a minute okay nighty night baby girl get ready for bed boys get ready for bed boys get ready for bed boys nighty night love you see you in the morning update calendar sync brace myself for the week shit there's something going on every single day i'm pooped i'm calling it a day goodnight.

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Kristin said...

YES! Can I just copy and past and change the manes and use that to post on my own blog? Oh and you forgot to put in clean pee off the carpet 4 times (potty training a 2 year old) Wait...I guess that is just me.