Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Built to Last

July 20, 2001-

July xx, 2010-

When you marry someone, you exchange vows that are, at the time, really nothing more than pretty, eloquent words. Heartfelt, yes, but also naive and idealistic. When you stand before each other, saying these words to each other, making each other these promises, it is impossible to fathom the highs and lows you will actually face together, and only time will tell if your union will withstand everything that comes your way. And it is only living through life's experiences together that gives those pretty words and promises actual texture and color and meaning.

Today marks nine years of ups and downs, thick and thin, sickness and health, hurdles, challenges, smooth sailing, laughter, tears, music, fear, sadness, surprises, predictability, division, solidarity and yes, wedded bliss. Nine years ago I married the love of my life. This is what I longed for my whole life: this kind of acceptance, this kind of security, this kind of respect, this kind of laughter, this kind of love. Our life together is perfect in all its imperfection.


Crittle said...

This is wonderful. Happy Anniversary!

Taryl said...

Happy Anniversary! You both look as fabulous today as you did then, too, no sign of the kids giving you anything but laugh lines ;)

I hope this will at least garner you a much needed date night with your hubby!