Sunday, July 11, 2010


My weekend away with the girls was fun, fun fun! There was much eating, drinking, laughing, lounging, shopping, and girl talk. I had an hour-long massage followed by an hour-long facial (okay, let's just touch on extractions. Seriously? Ewwww! Who would want to be an esthetician, anyway, and voluntarily deal with other people's zits and blackheads - and so cheerfully?) We stayed in a beautiful villa at a resort, had dinner at a lovely restaurant where entertainment was provided by a very drunk guy celebrating his fortieth birthday and taking his shirt off and dancing in front of our table. The trick was dancing to impress without falling down! Very nice.

Anyway, really couldn't have been any better - it was the perfect getaway. And I missed the kids! And I realized how healthy it is to actually have an opportunity to miss them, and for them to miss me. Michael and the kids fared fine without me, the house was in respectable order when I got home, and Michael even made dinner for me when I got home (no, you can't have him, he's taken).

And now I have two days to get ready for our first-ever family-of-eight vacation! I'm very excited . . . and nervous, and stressed. But mostly excited. And stressed.

But it's good to be back for now!


Kristin said...

so glad you had fun.

heather said...

Nothing compares to a girls getaway. Looks like so much fun and not only a massage but a facial too? I'm jealous. Good luck on your family vacay. We're in Oregon right now and loving the time away and together. It really is worth all of the stress of getting ready. Nothing like packing for 8 people!