Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

One weekend morning a couple weeks ago I got a surprise phone call from a friend. Her best friend writes a monthly column for a local parenting magazine, only she's ready to call it quits after writing the column for a number of years. Guess who they both think would be "perfect" to take over the column? Apparently moi.

Well, I just about died on the spot from feeling both flattered and humbled. Little old me? Who am I but a mom with a laptop?

The current columnist promised to pass my information as well as some kind words about me to the magazine's publisher. Over the last couple of weeks, there has been no news, so she has now suggested that I contact the publisher myself.


Well, I put it off for a few days, telling myself I would wait until after the Thanksgiving weekend, yada yada yada. But the truth is, I'm chicken. It was one thing when the possible opportunity fell into my lap, but to pursue it myself? That means selling myself. Trying to convince someone that I'm a worthy writer for their magazine. And again, who do I think I am? Just some chick with a couple of blogs, that's all.

But ahhh, the dream of actually writing. Writing for real, you know? To inflict myself on a larger audience (heh heh heh). To think it could actually be a possibility . . .

So I mustered up a little gumption tonight and I sent the publisher a note via email telling him what an amazing contribution I could make to his magazine. Okay, I didn't really say that, it was actually much more humble than that.

So on the chance he turns to my blog to see what I'm all about, feel free to share your thoughts on my future writing career :)


Eternal Lizdom said...

Oh wow!! I hope it works out because this will be an amazing opportunity- for their readers! You have so much to offer!!

Tricia said...

Totally want to see your words in print, online, ANYWHERE. I love how honest, down-to-earth, engaging and uninhibited your writing is. Definitely speaks to me! Good luck!

Anna Alexandrova said...

Dear Editor,

Lisa is an awesome writer. I am totally addicted to her blog. Your readers will love her column undoubtedly.

Best wishes,