Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Morning . . . ?

I think I finally put my finger on it this morning, on what makes the mornings so challenging and often unpleasant around here: there is just no warm-up period for the kids. Let me explain.

See, I'm admittedly not much of a morning person. I need some time after I wake up to slowly rejoin the world of consciousness (and to decide if I'm happy to be there or not), to get my thoughts in order, get a handle on my mood, and so forth. A transition period from sleeping to waking to functioning.

The kids, on the other hand, have no apparent need or desire for any such warming-up period in the morning. They go from dead sleep to wide awake and raring to go in about one-ninth of a second. Often they are up before my alarm even goes off in the morning, standing by my bedside announcing that they have to go potty (so go already! why the announcement?!) and demanding breakfast. Even when I manage to beat them to it and get myself up before them and creep into the kitchen and start processing, the moment they're up, it's instant GO! NEED! DEMAND! BICKER! DANCE! CHASE EACH OTHER! SING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS!

And there are six of them! (I know, I know, I asked for this. I know. Shut up.)


diane rene said...

I'm right there with you on this one. and I can't even seem to get myself up before them so that I have time to adjust before they bombard me. there's no winning this one

Cindy said...

oh Lisa, I feel you! I'm mostly half asleep even when I'm making my kid's lunchbox for school and I don't look nice before 10am. But you know what? I live in Japan where women here do not leave home without makeup so when they first got to know me and saw me at school in the morning, they were horrified! I don't know if they were joking, or trying to be sarcastic but some have mentioned to me that I look very different in the mornings and in the afternoons! As for my boy, I can never understand how one can be so energetic and ready to rock the world the moment he open his eyes!