Friday, April 16, 2010

The Secret to Our Success

People often ask us, "How do you do it? How do you procreate so prolifically?" Here's our little secret:

Our very own Fertility Tree which rests, appropriately enough, right outside our bedroom window.

This picture actually doesn't do Richard (or "Dick" for short, as we fondly call the tree) justice. When we bought this house five years ago, the tree had never been "shaved," as this type of palm is apparently supposed to be groomed. So we paid quite a large sum of money to have it properly trimmed and shaved, and ended up with a big, giant, male organ standing at attention in our backyard, clearly visible from the street. At that time, it had just one or two fronds sticking straight up out of the end of it. Picture it, won't you? It was quite a spectacle.

I'm convinced that this tree is responsible for at least the last two of our brood.


Leigh Anne said...

hahaha! your very on phallic statue, too funny. maybe you could send me some fronds, and i can plant one in our yard, lol. i'm not sure we'll ever be lucky enough to have another baby...

Stephanie said...

Now I'm wondering what the secret to our success has been since we're not fortunate enough to have a gigantic phallic symbol within yards of the matrimonial bed...?